I Finally Went Back to Work

I am going to get back in the office tomorrow, but it is not like I can be climbing the stairs all day long. So they say they are going to move me down to the first floor, of course the others want me back as soon as possible. We were short staffed before the accident and they have been complaining nonstop about being overworked while I was seeing a dozen doctors, physical therapists and the Valley Village chiropractor as well. Right now I am getting along on a pair of crutches, but not without a good deal of difficulty. They have been bringing work to me at home, but there is a good deal of stuff which is not really in anyone else’s lane. The main reason is that you want to have a single person responsible for it and that way you know who to point at when the police come. That is a big reason why they have to get me in. The money is my responsibility and when it runs out, they can not do a lot of things until I authorize more money.

There is not any chance the boss is going to let someone else have control over the accounts either. I have been there for a long time and he knows that I keep track of every last penny and that is what he wants. Of course we have plenty of people who would steal office supplies and that is expected up to a point. However that does not make you want to trust them with real money. At any rate they brought me in and they sat me down at my desk, but my desk had been carried down the stairs and sat in front of the men’s bathroom. I made them turn it around.