I Am Still out in San Francisco

I am having a difficult time making my bills out here, but I knew that when I took the job. In fact the guy that recruited me did not have good answers for that when we discussed it. The money they were offering me would have been terrific if you had been living in many areas of the world, but out here it is just not that great of a deal since you have to pay twice what it costs to live elsewhere. I went to see some San Francisco chiropractors the other day and that really is going to pinch my expense money a great deal it would seem. I had no choice about, since I got in the middle of a big mess and hurt my back the other night. I was coming home on the train, or the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and some jerk started some sort of melee. It was over a seat, which was in short supply. The train was packed and when they started pushing one another I ended up going down awkwardly. Continue reading I Am Still out in San Francisco

I Feel Much Better Now

It took a couple of weeks for the doctors to get done with me and after that I had to see a Cumming chiropractor and a physical therapist in Fulton County. It was rather painful doing that at first and he was the one who guessed that I probably needed to go see the chiropractor. Of course when the collision happened it must have scrambled up all of the bones in my back and they needed to be put back to where they were supposed to be relative to each other. At least that is what this guy told me about how he did what he does. I realized after a bit that I probably should have spent a lot more time thinking about which chiropractor I should have selected. The one I chose was just fine and when he finished with me, my back worked the way that it is supposed to work. Continue reading I Feel Much Better Now

I Finally Went Back to Work

I am going to get back in the office tomorrow, but it is not like I can be climbing the stairs all day long. So they say they are going to move me down to the first floor, of course the others want me back as soon as possible. We were short staffed before the accident and they have been complaining nonstop about being overworked while I was seeing a dozen doctors, physical therapists and the Valley Village chiropractor as well. Right now I am getting along on a pair of crutches, but not without a good deal of difficulty. They have been bringing work to me at home, but there is a good deal of stuff which is not really in anyone else’s lane. The main reason is that you want to have a single person responsible for it and that way you know who to point at when the police come. That is a big reason why they have to get me in. Continue reading I Finally Went Back to Work